nahTONerlebnis 1


Producer – Live Act / Techno / Tech-House / Minimal

Music has always been an important part throughout Chris’s life. Already in his childhood was he enthusiastic about music and would DJ during his time at school at lunch breaks and after school events or any chance he would get. Music also helped Chris by comforting him during rough times. Even his two sons are inspired by his lifelong passion in music. Maybe someday we’ll see both of them next to him on stage.

Forced to stay at home due to a worldwide pandemic Chris has been creating his own style in his home for a couple of years now. This rekindled his childhood dream to be on stage and perform in front of a live audience with his own tracks. Artists like Gayle San , DJ Pierre ( Stammheim ), Massive Attack and Lorn, as well as genres like Minimal Techno, Triphop, Dubsteb, Glitchhop and LoFi have a very strong influence on his music. Due to struggles in his personal life it was not until 2021 when he published his first track under his stage name „nahTONerlebnis“ on SoundCloud. After some good reviews about his music, Chris also has been discovered by Robert Babicz.

Babicz has been a mentor for Chris since and has helped him to fine tune his skills and creations. In Robert´s community he also met Mathias Teichmann, label founder of “City of Drums”, who believes in Chris and signed a contract with him. His first release is already being published with more to follow.