About us


City of Drums Black Label is a renowned electronic music label from Munich that emerged from a restructuring of the original City of Drums label in early 2022. Due to a change in distribution, the name was changed to signal a new beginning. Since its relaunch, the label, which is still young but already experienced, has undergone an impressive development.

The musical spectrum of City of Drums Black Label is versatile and ranges from captivating tech house to melodic house & techno, all the way to energetic peak time techno. The label’s philosophy is based on a constant search for quality and innovative sounds. The City of Drums Black Label team consists of a tightly-knit group of music experts with extensive experience in the electronic music scene. They work closely together to provide the best possible musical experience while never losing sight of new talents and continually giving promising newcomers the opportunity to prove themselves.

The quality and originality of City of Drums Black Label’s releases are underscored by numerous chart placements. The label’s music resonates with DJs, producers, and music lovers worldwide, earning it a solid place in the electronic music scene.

Mathias Teichmann, also known as The Electronic Advance, is the founder and owner of City of Drums Black Label. As an experienced producer and live act, he brings his extensive knowledge and passion for electronic music to the label. With his sense for musical trends and his commitment to quality, he has significantly contributed to the label’s success.

City of Drums Black Label stands for musical excellence, creative diversity, and constant evolution. The label remains true to its mission of supporting both established artists and providing a platform for emerging talents. With its dynamic sound and continuous pursuit of innovation, City of Drums Black Label is ready to continue enriching the electronic music landscape.