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DJ & Producer | House / Melodic House & Techno


Tom la Mer – The Sonic Maestro

Thomas Lamer, known by his artistic moniker Tom la Mer, is a musical luminary hailing from the picturesque town of Saalburg in Thuringia. Born and raised amidst the cultural richness of Germany, Tom has carved his niche as a DJ and music producer, earning acclaim for his versatility and innovative approach to electronic music.

Tom’s journey into the realm of music began with a classical singing education that laid the foundation for his extraordinary musicality. A true multi-instrumentalist, he seamlessly weaves his diverse skills into the tapestry of his creations, bringing a unique and enchanting blend of sounds to the forefront.

For many years, Tom la Mer has been an integral part of the renowned City of Drums Black Label, a dynamic platform that has become synonymous with cutting-edge electronic music. His association with the label has been marked by a commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring the vast spectrum of electronic music.

Genre knows no bounds for Tom la Mer, as he effortlessly navigates the sonic landscapes from the rhythmic beats of House to the ethereal melodies of Melodic Techno. His ability to traverse diverse genres reflects his commitment to musical exploration and a dedication to crafting experiences that resonate with a broad audience.

Beyond his role as a DJ and producer, Tom la Mer extends his influence to the airwaves as a radio moderator. He is a prominent figure on the City of Drums Radio Show and hosts his own show, „Tom’s Diner,“ on the legendary Evosonic Radio. Through these platforms, he curates sonic journeys that captivate listeners and elevate the electronic music experience.

Tom la Mer is not just an artist; he is an integral part of the „SonneBlumenGerne“ Family, a collective that operates a music camp within the SMS Festivals. This collaborative endeavor showcases his commitment to community and the shared love for electronic music, fostering an environment where creativity flourishes.

In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, Tom la Mer stands as a beacon of innovation and artistic expression. His journey from Saalburg to the global stage is a testament to his unwavering dedication to the craft, making him a name to watch in the dynamic world of electronic music.