Pheelay & Mathew Brabham - Truth 1

Pheelay & Mathew Brabham – Truth

CODBL030 Tracklist: 1.Truth (Original Mix) Genre: Progressive House VÖ-Date 14.07.2023 Available on Mathew Brabham and Pheelay join forces in the studio to deliver their highly anticipated debut collaboration, „Truth.“ This mesmerizing Progressive House track is…

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Chris Maico Schmidt - Eastern Violins 9

Chris Maico Schmidt – Eastern Violins

CODBL029 Tracklist: 1.Eastern Violins (Original Mix) 2.Remedy (Original Mix) Genre: Melodic House & Techno VÖ-Date 30.06.2023 Available on Renowned electronic music artist and the mastermind behind Evosonic Radio, Chris Maico Schmidt, is set to make…

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Hardvalley - Nexus-6 39

Hardvalley – Nexus-6

CODBL023 Tracklist: 1.Nexus-6 (Original Mix) 2.Nexus-6 (Cut N Glue VS The Electronic Advance & DJ Nasty Deluxe Remix) Genre: Melodic House and Techno / Peaktime Techno VÖ-Date 07.04.2023 Available on Hardvalley returns with his brand-new…

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Awiy Disco - Hot Desert 45

Awiy Disco – Hot Desert

CODBL021 Tracklist: 1.Hot Desert (Original Mix) 2.Fata Morgana (Original Mix) 3.Paradise (Original Mix) Genre: Melodic House & Techno / Progressive House VÖ-Date 10.03.2023 Available on Rene Gottwald aka Awiy Disco is back in our City.…

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Eddie E. - NO COLOR 51

Eddie E. – NO COLOR

CODBL017 Tracklist: 1.No Color (Original Mix) Genre: Tech House VÖ-Date 13.01.2023 Available on After his successful first release on our label last year. The Mannheim based DJ, producer and mastering engineer Eddie E. is back…

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EastFreaks - Infinito 57

EastFreaks – Infinito

CODBL016 Tracklist: 1.Infinito (Original Mix) 2.Infinito (The Electronic Advance & DJ Nasty Deluxe Remix) Genre: Techno (Peak Time) VÖ-Date 09.12.2022 Available on With great pleasure we are welcome the EastFreaks in our City of Drums…

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