DRUMCAST Series #40 with Horatio!

DRUMCAST Series #40 with Horatio! 1
DRUMCAST Series #40 with Horatio! 3

DRUMCAST Series #40 with Horatio!

In the 40th episode of our DRUMCAST Series, we have a very special guest for you! DJ Nasty Deluxe presents the DJ, Producer and Label Owner, Horatio.

Horatio Ceorchelea is a Romanian guy blessed with ambition and a great passion for music, which began his underground musical adventure into the world with great productions, edits, and mixing at the parties. His talent helped him to be quickly spotted by the famous label VIVa MUSiC After releasing two highly successful eps: Sing with Swing and Ramayana (with his partners SINC) he sought to get to new heights. Propelled by his success Horatio Ceorchelea and his partner in crime Katoline were chosen to remix one of the best tracks from „RIVA STARR – I was drunk“, making him highly popular.

His hard work in musical production paid off since his remix for Jindo – Summer Stories was played and supported by Ricardo Villalobos and his remix for Alessio Collina – Conmigo was heavily played by ²Richie Hawtin² in his Sets. The year 2011 proved that Ceorchelea Horatio Horatiu Vasile has begun his international ascension. His ep Chicago Tales is being charted and played by Heidi. on BBC Radio 1. His latest ep called Mi Nombre (which includes a collaboration with Guinness book DJ Tavo and Horatio’slong time musical partner Katoline is remixed by none other than Reboot, thus tacking his name to a new height.

The next step is a collaboration with his partner in crime Katoline and the notorious American producer Roland Clark, a project which will emerge as a top candidate track for 2012. Horatio was nominated for the best new artist and in 2010 the highest ascension in the Romanian underground scene. His gigs are marked by that original sound that you can hear only on a big DJ set with a beautiful mixing technique and highly energetic tracks.

…But now… Let the music speak for itself. Enjoy our Drumcast, have some fun and don’t forget to show us some love!

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