Mathew Brabham & Drea Perlon – Sad

Mathew Brabham & Drea Perlon - Sad 7
Mathew Brabham & Drea Perlon - Sad 9

CODBL045 Tracklist:

1.Mathew Brabham & Drea Perlon – Sad (Original Mix)

2.Mathew Brabham – Twilight of Existence (Original Mix)

Genre: Electronica / Progressive House

VÖ-Date 16.02.2024

Available on

City of Drums Black Label Presents: „Sad“ – A Captivating Collaboration by Mathew Brabham and Drea Perlon

The electronic music scene is set to experience an exhilarating moment with the upcoming release of „Sad,“ a compelling EP by the renowned live act and producer Mathew Brabham in collaboration with the talented vocalist Drea Perlon. Under the esteemed banner of City of Drums Black Label, this release, scheduled for February 16th, promises to captivate the hearts of music enthusiasts.

„Sad“ transcends being merely a track; it is a sonic journey inspired by the profound emotions of life. Mathew Brabham, not only an experienced live performer but also a gifted producer, joins forces with the unique voice of Drea Perlon to create an atmosphere that guides the audience through highs and lows. The song delves into the challenges of life when it gets tough, and uncertainty looms, yet it radiates an optimistic message: „Everything will be okay.“

Mathew Brabham & Drea Perlon - Sad 21

The EP doesn’t stop at the touching title track „Sad“; it also features another impressive composition by Mathew Brabham titled „Twilight of Existence.“ This Progressive House track offers a dynamic contrast, showcasing the versatile artistic capabilities of Mathew Brabham.

The EP „Sad“ is set to be released on February 16th on all major streaming platforms. Music enthusiasts can embark on an emotional journey as Mathew Brabham and Drea Perlon combine their talents to create a musical experience that resonates long after the last note.

Mathew Brabham & Drea Perlon - Sad 23