City Of Drums – Drumcast Series #23 TrixX K Guestmix presented by DJ Nasty Deluxe

City Of Drums - Drumcast Series #23 TrixX K Guestmix presented by DJ Nasty Deluxe 1
City Of Drums - Drumcast Series #23 TrixX K Guestmix presented by DJ Nasty Deluxe 3

🔉 City of Drums – Drumcast Series our exclusive Podcast Series®

🔉 City of Drums is an Electronic Music Label based in Munich / Germany.
„COD Drumcast Series“ is presented by City of Drums / Mathias Teichmann & Kristijan Nestoroski aka DJ Nasty Deluxe and incorporates contains a 14-day Guestmix with the biggest names of international and local DJs and Producers.
🔉The Podcast will be available every 14 Days on our SoundCloud Page!
🔉Date: 07.12.2021 / 8 p.m. CET
🔉 1st hour City of Drums / DJ Nasty Deluxe
🔉 2nd-hour Guestmix by TrixX K / Techno Connection

Tracklist 1st hour (selected by DJ Nasty Deluxe):

1) Nusha, Beloca – Addiction (Original Mix)
2) Reinier Zonneveld – Only one Way (Original Mix)
3) Steve Shaden – Underground (ASYS Remix)
4) BK – Revolution (Reinier Zonneveld Remix)
5) Tom wax – In Techno we trust (Carl Cox Remix)
6) TeknoGeneration – Acid Exposure (Original Mix)
07) Kevin Saunderson – Velocity Funk (Wehbba Remix)
08) Indira Paganotta – Red Ninja (Shlomi Aber Remix)
09) Hollen – Zen 004 (Original Mix)
10) Thoma Schuhmacher – Hype (Original Mix)
11) Ramon Tapia – Last Step (ASYS Remix)
12) Nonaeleft – Dyson Sphere (Original Mix)

Tracklist 2nd hour (selected by TriXx K):

Lerio Corrado – Scape – Deep In (Intro)
My Cat Snoop – Catalyst (Original Mix)
Volster – Without a Fight I Am Nothing
The Reactivitz – Hydra (Metodi Hristov Remix)
Smilla – Flight Number
Sebastiano Pozzoni – Rocket in Space (Original Mix)
Nel N. – Elevate (Original Mix)
Matteo Vitanza – The Space Inside of You (Original Mix)
Drumsauw – Machines (Original Mix)
Deborah De Luca, Ballarak – Dondake (Original Mix)
Carl Haze – Eyes Closed (Original Mix)
Bruce Zalcer – Resolution (Original Mix)
B A R T A – Deep In Lake
Apollo (Mx) – Chased (Original Mix)
Fixeer – Abihsot (Original Mix)
Shaun Moses – Lustful Desires (RSRRCT Remix)
HLGRMS – Pale Sky (Original Mix)
HLGRMS – Never Sleep (Original Mix)
Txmzz – Lost in Reality
Txmzz – Bo-Katan
Mosher, Lautaro Gabioud – Needless (Original Mix)
Katnada – Awakening (SCARLETT. Remix)
Unlighted – Shinigami (Original Mix)
Room Service (DE) – My Friend (Tom Wax Remix)
Nostromos – My Soul To Take (Original Mix)
Ian Crank – Error
Greg Notill – Law of Gravity (Original Mix)
Dale Fairbairn – Human Nature (Original Mix)
M.Smith, Thomas Janovitz – Maori
Uto Karem & Gaston Zani – Pisces
Uto Karem & Gaston Zani – Orbital
UDUBB – Abstract (Original Mix)
Sub Washer – Goa
Sebastiano Pozzoni – Titan (Original Mix)
Pablo Caballero, Tankhamun – Brutality (Original Mix)
Matteo Vitanza – Cosmic Error (Original Mix)
Gaston Zani – Unruly (Hollen Remix)
Dreian & David Sellers – Unexpected Time
Dale Fairbairn – Symbolism (Original Mix)
Carl Haze – Inside (Original Mix)
Beliaal – Via
Alberto Ruiz, Pablo Caballero – Electric (Original Mix)
Alberto Ruiz, Alexander Laurell – Agharta (Original Mix)
Agustin Müller – Your Light
Agustin Müller – Shadow
Simone Tavazzi – Organic Malware