Hardvalley – Cave

Hardvalley - Cave 5
Hardvalley - Cave 7

CODBL004 Tracklist:

1.Cave (Original Mix)

2.Cave (Mathew Brabham Remix)

3.Common Sense on Acid (Original Mix)

Genre: Acid House

VÖ-Date 06.05.2022

Available on

Cave is the first release by Hardvalley on our label. With this EP the producer from Hilden celebrates his debut in the music scene and it’s really something to behold, but above all it’s something to be heard. With his release, Hardvalley sends you on a colorful journey trough the Acidland. 

The title track Cave comes with a powerful kick drum and the typical Acid sound of the Roland TB 303. The acid lines wind their way through the track and harmonize very well with the synth clouds flying around. With this title you will experience a real acid trip! 

In addition to the original version, there is a remix of Cave and another track called Common Sense on Acid included on this EP. 

The Mathew Brabham Remix stays true to the Acid genre, but he comes 2 bpm faster and a bit more in club style than the original. The beat whips the acid lines with energy through the track and ensures that no foot remains still on the dance floor. 

Common Sense on Acid is the softest Track on this EP which comes with a crisp groove and lovely dreamy acid lines providing a well-rounded and successful conclusion.

So you are gently brought back from your journey through the Acidland. 

Hardvalley - Cave 19


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