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nahTONerlebnis – The Ride Place OUT NOW!

Right here, right now he said! And we think YES… this is the right time and „The Ride Place“ for Christian Hinz aka nahTONerlebnis to celebrate his debut to the music scene. Yes, you’ve read that correctly, „The Ride Place“. The slightly confusing title of this track doesn’t mean „the right place“. The Artist talks about the percussion sound, the Ride.    

The producer from Klagenfurt and student of Robert Babicz’s Mastermind project learned a lot and worked a long time to find his own sound, which is not so easy to sort in a genre. It’s minimalistic, driving, and very experimental because Chris loves to use field-recordings and create his own samples. These are the elements that give the whole thing its very special touch. His kids always are the first listeners and they said to him „Daddy you have to bring your music to the audience, they would love it! 

So we think, his kids are right.

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