nahTONerlebnis - The Ride Place 1

nahTONerlebnis – The Ride Place

CODBL020 Tracklist: 1.The Ride Place (Original Mix) Genre: Techno VÖ-Date 24.02.2023 Available on Right here, right now he said! And we think YES… this is the right time and „The Ride Place“ for Christian Hinz…

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Eddie E. - NO COLOR 7

Eddie E. – NO COLOR

CODBL017 Tracklist: 1.No Color (Original Mix) Genre: Tech House VÖ-Date 13.01.2023 Available on After his successful first release on our label last year. The Mannheim based DJ, producer and mastering engineer Eddie E. is back…

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Sebastian Fleischer & Alex Sauer - Nothing You Can Say 13

Sebastian Fleischer & Alex Sauer – Nothing You Can Say

CODBL014 Tracklist: 1.Sebastian Fleischer & Alex Sauer – Nothing you can Say (Original Mix) 2.Sebastian Fleischer – Black Houls (Original Mix) Genre: Techno (Peak Time) VÖ-Date 11.11.2022 Available on With „Nothing You Can Say“ 2…

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Pheelay - Come On 19

Pheelay – Come On

CODBL007 Tracklist: 1.Come On (Original Mix) 2.Come On (Daniel Dope Remix) 3.Come On (Tom La Mer Remix) Genre: Jackin House / Tech House / Deep House VÖ-Date 17.06.2022 Available on Come On is the first…

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Zinner & Orffee - Voyage 25

Zinner & Orffee – Voyage

CODBL005 Tracklist: 1.Voyage (Original Mix) 2.Voyage (Sascha Hahn Remix) 3.Voyage (shinea7 Remix) 4.Voyage (Radio Edit) Genre: Progressive House / Tech House / Chill Out VÖ-Date 20.05.2022 Available on Voyage is the first release by Zinner…

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