nahTONerlebnis – Help Me Cain

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CODBL038 Tracklist:

1.Help Me Cain (Original Mix)

2.Close to Midnight (Original Mix)

Genre: Minimal Deep Tech

VĂ–-Date 03.11.2023

Available on

🎶 Dive into the Depths of Sound with „Help Me Cain“ EP by nahTONerlebnis 🎶

City Of Drums Black Label proudly presents the second release by the talented artist, nahTONerlebnis! Get ready for a transformative auditory experience like no other as we unveil „Help Me Cain“ EP.

đź”® Unveiling the Origin of „Help Me Cain“ đź”®

Prepare to embark on a musical journey that reimagines the timeless tale of Able and Cain from the Bible. In „Help Me Cain,“ nahTONerlebnis brilliantly reshapes this narrative, offering a fresh perspective where the two brothers join forces to escape their fate. It’s a powerful and thought-provoking reinterpretation that transcends boundaries and takes you on a mesmerizing adventure through sound.

Why „Help Me Cain“ EP is a Must-Listen:

✨ Two mesmerizing tracks that will transport you to another dimension.

✨ A unique reimagining of a biblical tale that challenges conventional narratives.

✨ nahTONerlebnis‘ second release on City Of Drums Black Label, showcasing his evolving artistry.

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