MIKE (IT) – Insomnia

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CODBL039 Tracklist:

1.Insomnia (Original Mix)

Genre: Techno (Peak Time)

VÖ-Date 17.11.2023

Available on

In a relentless pursuit of sonic excellence, City of Drums Black Label proudly presents its fourth collaboration with the enigmatic techno virtuoso, Mike (IT). This time, the Italian maestro unleashes his auditory prowess with the mesmerizing single, „Insomnia.“

„Insomnia“ is not just a track; it’s a hypnotic journey into the heart of peak-time techno, designed to ignite dance floors and elevate the senses. 

The genesis of „Insomnia“ is as intriguing as the track itself. Mike (IT) revealed that the inspiration for the song struck during a sleepless night in his hometown. As he stared at the cityscape bathed in neon lights, the relentless energy and restlessness of the city’s nightlife fused with his creative spirit. The result? A sonic manifestation of the relentless drive that keeps techno enthusiasts dancing till the break of dawn.

The track’s relentless beats mirror the insomnia-induced adrenaline rush, while the intricate melodies and ethereal synths encapsulate the surreal moments of solitude in the midst of the urban chaos. „Insomnia“ is more than music; it’s an introspective voyage into the psyche of a city that never sleeps.

„Insomnia“ by Mike (IT) is set to captivate techno aficionados and DJs alike, promising to be a peak-time weapon of choice. With its hauntingly beautiful melodies and relentless groove, this release is poised to leave an indelible mar.

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