Xenia Ghali – Closer

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CODBL042 Tracklist:

1.Closer (Original Mix)

2.Closer (The Electronic Advance & DJ Nasty Deluxe Remix)

Genre: Melodic House & Techno / Techno (Peak Time)

VÖ-Date 19.01.2024

Available on

Greece’s very own Xenia Ghali is back in the spotlight with her latest offering, a wonderful Melodic House & Techno track titled „Closer.“ This electrifying Melodic House & Techno track weaves a pulsating narrative of two souls igniting a passionate connection within the captivating ambiance of a club. The single also features an exhilarating Peak Time Techno Remix by the dynamic duo, The Electronic Advance & DJ Nasty Deluxe.

The track’s evocative title hints at the story it tells – a night on the dancefloor where two individuals draw near to one another, their connection deepening with each pulsating beat. Xenia Ghali masterfully captures the essence of that electrifying moment when the crowd fades into the background, and all that remains is the shared energy between two people lost in the music. 

Adding to the excitement, „Closer“ comes complete with a high-octane Peak Time Techno Remix by The Electronic Advance & DJ Nasty Deluxe. This remix elevates the track’s intensity, making it a perfect weapon for DJs looking to take the energy level up a notch during their sets.

Xenia Ghali has established herself as a prolific artist, earning acclaim not only for her studio releases but also for her electrifying live performances. Her passion for music and her innate ability to connect with her audience is reflected in every beat of „Closer.“

Join Xenia Ghali and her musical journey as she invites you to experience the thrill of getting „Closer.“ This single is available on all major streaming platforms, so don’t miss the chance to be part of this sonic adventure.

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