Awiy Disco – Charade

Awiy Disco - Charade 5
Awiy Disco - Charade 7

CODBL048 Tracklist:

1.Charade (Original Mix)

2.To Live for the Moment (Original Mix)

Genre: Progressive House

VÖ-Date 15.03.2024

Available on

City of Drums Black Label is thrilled to announce  release of „Charade,“ the latest EP from the exceptionally talented artist Awiy Disco. This marks Awiy Disco’s fourth collaboration with our esteemed label, and we couldn’t be more excited about the sonic journey he has crafted for his fans.

„Charade“ is not just a EP; it’s a narrative woven through the beats and melodies, inviting listeners into a world where music transcends mere sound. The EP’s title track, „Charade,“ takes the spotlight, offering a captivating exploration of emotions and hidden truths. Awiy Disco masterfully blends progressive house elements with evocative melodies, creating a sonic landscape that mirrors the complexity of human emotions.

In this musical journey, the artist encourages listeners to question the masks we wear in our daily lives, prompting us to unveil the charades we play. 

In addition to the title track, the EP features another gem, „To Live for the Moment.“ This track serves as a reminder to embrace the present, appreciating the fleeting beauty of life and the experiences that shape us.

„Charade“ by Awiy Disco is available on all major streaming platforms starting Release Date. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this immersive EP that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the progressive house scene.

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