Tom La Mer – Music Keeps You Alive

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Tom La Mer - Music Keeps You Alive 7

CODBL047 Tracklist:

1.Music Keeps You Alive (Original Mix)

Genre: Melodic House & Techno

VÖ-Date 08.03.2024

Available on

City of Drums Black Label proudly presents „Music Keeps You Alive,“ the latest masterpiece from Thuringia’s DJ, producer, and radio personality, Tom La Mer. The track is a melodic house and techno gem that delves into the profound impact of music on one’s life, offering solace and hope when faced with life’s challenges. In a world where uncertainties abound, „Music Keeps You Alive“ serves as a beacon of light, reminding listeners that music is a lifeline that can guide and uplift even in the darkest moments. 

Tom La Mer’s sonic creation encapsulates the essence of finding strength and resilience through the power of sound.Tom La Mer, is not only a skilled producer and DJ but also one of the charismatic voices behind the City of Drums Radio show. For years, he has been an integral part of the City of Drums family, contributing his passion and talent to the renowned label. 

„Music Keeps You Alive“ is a testament to Tom La Mer’s ability to seamlessly blend emotive melodies with pulsating beats, creating a sonic journey that transcends the everyday struggles. The track is a poignant reminder that, through the medium of music, one can escape the mundane and find solace in the rhythm of life.

City of Drums Black Label invites music enthusiasts and electronic music connoisseurs to experience the transformative power of „Music Keeps You Alive“ by Tom La Mer. The track is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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