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Welcome to City of Drums – Drumcast Series our exclusive Podcast Series®

City of Drums is an Electronic Music Label based in Munich / Germany.“COD Drumcast Series“ is presented by City of Drums / Mathias Teichmann & Kristijan Nestoroski aka DJ Nasty Deluxe and incorporates contains a 14-day Guestmix with the biggest names of international and local DJs and Producers.

The Podcast will be available every 14 Days on our Soundcloud Page!

Date: 06.07.2021 / 8 p.m. CET

1st hour City of Drums / DJ Nasty Deluxe

2nd-hour Guestmix by Thomas Labermair / City of Drums / Ushuaia MusicWe hope that our City of Drums – Drumcast Series will suit your taste!!!







Tracklist 1st hour (selected by DJ Nasty Deluxe):

  • 01) Sebastian Fleischer – Tools (Original Mix)
  • 02) Aroid, Amelie Lens – Escape (Original Mix)
  • 03) Aroid, Amelie Lens – Raver´s Heart (Original Mix )
  • 04) Drunken Kong – Phoenix (Original Mix)
  • 05) Jay Lumen – Preacher (Original Mix)
  • 06) Vikthor – Set you free (Original Mix)
  • 07) Zafer Atabey – Brontide (Original Mix)
  • 08) Umek – Crypic Speech (Original Mix)
  • 09) Matteo Puntar, DCerk – Roots (Original Mix)
  • 10) Thomas Labermair – Andromeda (Original Mix)
  • 11) Charles D (USA) – You (Original Mix)

Tracklist 2nd hour (selected by Thomas Labermair)

  • 01)Thomas Labermair – City of Drums – Drumcast Mix


Thomas Labermair

Genre: Techno, Melodic House

The Munich DJ and producer „Thomas Labermair“ (former „Somnia“) started his DJ career in 2009 in the former after-hour club „Mojitobar“ and was quickly in demand in Munich`s techno scene.

From 2015 – 2019 „Thomas Labermair“ (at that time still active under his stage name „Somnia)“worked as a resident DJ at the „Bullitt Club“ and he played before or after well-known artists like Deborah De Luca, Alex Stein, Victor Ruiz, Torsten Kanzler, Tom Novy and many more.

Also Thomas plays on Festivals and Clubs like „Gute Laune“, „Rote Sonne“, „Isar Rauschen“, „Isle of Summer“ and much more.Since 2016 „Thomas Labermair“ produce and perform his own sound, and he has already enriched the local scene with several releases.

He released on Labels like „City Of Drums“ and since 2021 on „Ushuaia Music“ has already enriched the local scene with several releases.“Thomas Labermair’s“ philosophy is: Have fun Just dance, don’t sleep!