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City of Drums is an Electronic Music Label based in Munich / Germany.
„COD Drumcast Series“ is presented by City of Drums / Mathias Teichmann & Kristijan Nestoroski aka DJ Nasty Deluxe and incorporates contains a 14-day Guestmix with the biggest names of international and local DJs and Producers.

The Podcast will be available every 14 Days on our Soundcloud Page!
Date: 22.06.2021 / 8 p.m. CET
1st hour City of Drums / DJ Nasty Deluxe
2nd-hour Guestmix by Ill-Boy Phil / Treibjagd-Records

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City Of Drums – Drumcast Series #11 – Guestmix By Ill Boy Phil Presented By DJ Nasty Deluxe by City of Drums

Bio: Ill Boy Phil 
Ill-Boy Phil / born 1982 / munich, germany.In the early 90 ́s he bought his first pair of turntables and started messing around with vinyl records. Starting turntablism and beatjuggling as a HipHop-DJ. Being fascinated by the medium, he built up his own record store “Ill-Biznizz Records” in 2001. Everything went well along the time, but things were about to change. After visiting several electronic festivals, Phil fell in love with electronic dance music. He started collecting his first techno and house vinyls and began organizing underground rave parties. Today his parties, called “Treibjagd”, are still the main events in the area. Big names, as well as creative youngsters, are always exited to show up and spin the tables. After so many years Phil decided to advance to the next level and started to produce his own sounds in 2010. After releasing some tunes and remixes on different labels, he decided to built himself and other talented artists a platform: “Treibjagd Records” was born and hit the scene very successfully. Artists like Patrick Kunkel, Pele, Lützenkirchen, Joseph Disco, Dema & Paride Saraceni produce for “Treibjagd Records” and new and talented artists get a chance to become recognized on the newly founded sublabel “U6 Schallplatten”. Phil truly loves music and the art of party. He hosts a radioshow on FEVAH FM 88.3, still plays on every good party he can catch on and searches for young talents to boost their career. His records get support from big names like Sven Väth, Aka Aka, Paco Osuna, Butch, Oliver Schories, M.A.N.D.Y, Slam and many many more.

DRUMCAST Season2 Episode12 mit ill-Boy Phil!

In der zwölften Episode der zweiten Season unseres Drumcast´s präsentieren wir euch mit ill-Boy Phil wieder einen Gast DJ. Der 1982 in München geborene DJ und Produzent ill-Boy Phil, ist eine feste Größe in der Münchner Techno-Szene. Ob als Veranstalter des „Grüne Sonne Festivals“ oder als CEO der Labels Treibjagd Records und U6 Schallplatten, man kennt Phil und er wäre aus der hiesigen Szene einfach nicht wegzudenken. Als DJ bespielt er Clubs wie z.B. das Harry Klein oder den Suicide Circus in Berlin, dabei steht er regelmäßig neben namhaften Künstler wie z.B. Lützenkirchen, Drumcomplex oder Klaudia Gawlas auf der Bühne. Seine Produktionen und Remixe erscheinen nicht nur auf seinen eigenen Imprints, sondern auch auf labels wie Greatstuff Records, Ton Liebt Klang oder auch Blufin Records, um nur einige zu nennen. Musikalisch bewegt sich Phil zwischen Melodischen Tech-House bis hin zu treibenden Techno. Doch nun genug der vielen Worte, hört ihm einfach zu und macht euch euer eigenes Bild. Durch den Drumcast führt euch dieses mal unser Mathew Brabham.

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